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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Confessions of a Technophobe

      At first glance, the iPod appears to be a wonderful new-age musical gadget, allowing us to listen to our favorite songs with amazing clarity and portability.  But don’t let this little piece of brightly colored technology fool you, it is evil…pure and simple.  For years I have tried to understand this device, but I still have yet to listen to any music from it.
       Taunting me with its simplicity, I am able to attach it to my computer and open my iTunes account, rub my thumb around the white circle as I see my kids do, I hear the clicking noises that assure me it’s a functioning device, and yet the music remains trapped.  Unable to sync or download or upload, or whatever is the appropriate term here, I have given up, resigning myself to a life of CDs and FM radio.

       I could, of course, ask for help with my friend Curt being the obvious choice. Computer wiz by day, DJ by night, he has the ability to manage tens of thousands of songs on his iPod. This device is not the enemy to him, but I can be stubborn.  Determined to figure this out on my own, I sat down to my computer last night in an effort to finally unravel the mystery of iTunes and the iPod.  Forty minutes later, with nothing to show for my efforts, I threw a temper tantrum rivaled only by the angriest of toddlers. 

       My poor unsuspecting husband walked in the door and took the brunt of my tirade, because whenever I have a problem, somehow, someway, it must be his fault.  Taking the high road, he calmly walked me through the world of iTunes.   And after my brief tutorial, all I could say was…is it really that simple?

      15 minutes and 50 songs later, I was on a roll.  This was better than One-Click shopping at Amazon.  A new world has been opened to me and I plan to take full advantage of it.  Finally I can hold my head high, with my beautiful pink Nano in hand and join the ranks of the musically savvy.


  1. You go girl!!As for me? I'm still stuck with my radio and youtube,but then I am quite a bit older than you and this new electronic age(or what ever it's called these days) really gets my head spinning. Loving your blog.

  2. Hahaha!!! I'm sorry but that is too good!:)

    I'm glad you finally figured it out though, you wouldn't want to be beaten by an I pod!

    Have a super day Deborah!

  3. Thanks ladies! Although I am sure now that I have figured out my iPod some wonderful new invention will come along and take its place :)

  4. are way past me...I am clueless...I would be completely lost without one of my adult husband is even less in the know then I am....glad you figured out your toy and enjoy it...are you still snowed in? Kids home from school today? Take care, stay warm and stay sane! XX

  5. Hi Lori, yes, still snowed in...the kids are a little restless...but we are making the best of it! Have a great day! :)

  6. I haven't used my iPod in ages. I used to take it on walks with me all the time but I've abandoned the poor thing for my camera. I'm glad you've got yours figured out. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. :)

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  8. Hey Deb!!

    I am always up for helping the tech challenged... I do have a knack for making the tech-complex understandable to even the most techno-phobic.

    Oh yeah, for my newly musically adventurous friend, take a look here: See if you can add those to your iPod. Oh, I'm at 35,484 songs in my iPod. It's bursting at it's 160GB seams...


  9. Curt, I will check out that link, but I like to add songs one by one, because I only want the songs I like on my iPod. That way when it shuffles I never get impatient waiting for a better song to come on :)