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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'd Like To Thank...

     I love the Academy Awards. I love the pageantry, the gowns, the beautiful men and women who sip champagne while waiting anxiously to hear the names of the winners announced by their peers.  I make a point to see all the movies that I know will be up for nominations so I can, along with the Academy, decide who should win. 

     It makes me want to become an actress or work in the world of cinematography in some capacity in order to get the chance to dress in designer gowns, walk the red carpet and come home with a gold statue. Unfortunately, as a mom, there are few opportunities to win awards.   Which is a shame actually.  I would love to win Best Soccer Mom, or Best Multi-tasker, or even Best Birthday Party Organizer.

      I would imagine the Academy for Moms would consist of judges such as Carol Brady, June Cleaver and, of course, Ellen Degeneres.  No, she’s not a mother, but she is very funny and she made a surprisingly good judge on American Idol last year.  But I suppose there are just too many of us to narrow it down to five or six nominees. 

     So I, along with all the other moms of the world, will have to be content with the fact that while we don’t get public recognition or fancy statues for the job we do every day, we do have the satisfaction of knowing we will never have to make a ridiculously long and boring acceptance speech.

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