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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Right Tool for the Right Job

     I do not consider myself to be naturally domestic.  I didn’t learn to cook until I discovered the Food Network and could actually see what people meant by dice, sauté, and deglaze.  I learned to clean through necessity, and almost died in the process.  (Note to self: do not mix bleach and ammonia, very toxic.)  And when I could no longer afford to keep buying new underwear I finally broke down and learned how to do my own laundry.

     Laundry, a chore which continues to baffle me to this day.  I’m not sure why I am so overwhelmed by this task. It’s not like I have to haul my clothes down to the river and beat them with a rock. I have modern GE appliances, right in my own house, and still I suffer the humiliation of being beaten down by dirty clothes.

     I learned early on that ignoring the piles does not work. In fact, laundry left alone for one day multiplies like rabbits, taunting me in the process.  I tried hiring my daughter. This worked for about one week until she started forgetting and blamed it on her self-diagnosed ADD.

     I even went so far as to hire a contractor to build me a larger laundry room, thinking that if I had more space, I would be more efficient.  That was a mistake, now my multiplying laundry has more room to multiply.  The more I was overwhelmed with my laundry, the more depressed I became, feeling like I had some character defect because of my inability to overcome this problem.
     Until one day, while begrudgingly folding laundry in front of the TV, I saw Kelly Ripa dancing around her house pulling her clothes out of her Electrolux washer/dryer.  Her clothes were folding themselves and putting themselves away and I realized I was wrong.  My problem wasn’t with myself, and some deep-seated deficiency in moral character.  No, all this time, I simply had the wrong machines.


  1. Bwahahah! That explains everything!

  2. LOL I need one of those machines too!

  3. Cute post. I'm still not much of a cook. Must be because we don't have cable and can't get the Food Network. ;)

  4. So that's the secret. I actually don't mind doing laundry too much but it's only my son and me.

    You DIDN'T mix bleach and ammonia, did you? Ack!

  5. ummm....yes, Hilary, I did. I suppose I probably shouldn't admit that. I started getting this tight feeling in my throat and I got dizzy, so I went outside to get fresh air...tough lesson. I was young and very dumb lol :) Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by!

  6. Don't feel alone,many(too many to admit to)years ago I also made the bleach-ammonia mistake. That lesson was learned REAL fast,like you I had to go outside to recoop. I'm alone now so the laundry doesn't bother me but when the kids come home every week I sure would like a stove that does it all.....have a great Sunday.

  7. hahaha! With my luck, the right machine would come with the wrong instruction manual anyway!