There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anaïs Nin

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fashion After 40

      Growing up I was a bit of a tomboy, so I never paid too much attention to fashion, and trips to the mall were more about meeting boys than shopping.  As I grew older, I cared more about how I dressed but I still didn’t quite have the knack for it.  Shopping left me feeling frustrated. I was terrible at mixing and matching pieces. I needed Garanimals, but unfortunately they did not exist in the ladies departments. So I learned to buy whatever the manikin was wearing.  I figured if it was good enough for the headless piece of plastic it was good enough for me. 
      Then after 3 boys I was blessed with a baby daughter. Although, Rachael was never really a baby. She was born a teenager.  Wise beyond her years and as luck would have it, a fashion maven.   Thereafter, I never ventured to the mall on my own.  Rachael has been dressing me for years even going so far as to lay out my clothes for me the night before.

      However, it's not all as easy as it sounds.  On every trip to the mall, Rachael brings me to stores like American Eagle or Abercrombie and Fitch. The conversations go something like this…

      “Mom, try on this sweater.”
      “Rachael dear, we are in American Eagle.”
      “So? This sweater would look awesome on you!” (Bless her heart)
      “I’m 46. There are rules.”

       Then Rachael rolls her eyes, and we head to the ladies section of the nearest department store.

      Why do these rules exist? Who made them up?  Why can’t a 40-something woman shop in the trendy stores? And for that matter, who decided an older woman can’t wear a mini-skirt? Who says we can’t wear white after labor day and that our shoes must match our belts.

      Does freedom of expression extend to clothing after 40?  I heard a quote recently that went like this… your right to throw a punch ends at my face.  Does this fall under the same principle? Does my right to wear a mini-skirt end at your line of sight?  Should I take into consideration that the general public might not want to see me in leggings? 

      I don’t know the answer to those questions. What I do know is that I love Rachael’s style, she writes her own rules and I strongly support her in doing that, but for me, I will embrace my age and pass on the beautiful sweater from American Eagle.


  1. I know what you mean. I have never really dressed my age although since I've gained weight this past year I have dressed it more so. How sweet that you have a daughter like this...her comment is so very sweet to by the way. I don't see anything wrong with you wearing these clothes from these hip stores. I see some very cute clothes in these stores that you mentioned. I too have daughters that have helped dress me too so I can appreciate a daughter helping out her mom.

    I don't judge people by what they choose to there are some people and not just people our age, that wear things that are not fitting or flattering to that doesn't bother me when someone my age has on a cute short skirt or something that a younger person I say wear the things you enjoy and make you feel good.

  2. Wear whatever makes you feel good! What's important is that you exude confidence when you "strut your stuff". I think it's important that we not take ourselves too seriously (we're here only for a "blink") and to have fun while we can.