There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anaïs Nin

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pop-Tarts Through the Ages

       I have a confession to make.  I love Pop-tarts.  Yes, those pastry impersonators with the taste and texture of cardboard.  The snack with the dry edge surrounding the pseudo fruit filling and the colorful plastic-y icing with the sprinkles.  What a treat! 

      And I love the new Pop-tart commercial.  It transports me right back to my childhood, and long summer vacations, eating berries that grew in the woods, picking wildflowers along the side of the road and dreams…big dreams. 

      I had plans for my life.  I was going to be a veterinarian, until I got bit by a dog. I was going to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader until I got cut during tryouts in college, and I was going to live in a big city,  until I had kids and opted instead for suburbia.  And I wonder, did I give up on my dreams or were they simply replaced by new ones?  Are we the most authentic version of ourselves when we are young?

      I often hear of adults who say they are trying to find themselves.  I have said those words myself, but when did I get lost? Was it when I got married and I learned to compromise as my husband and I merged from two to one? Or was it when I had children and my life took a back seat to theirs?  I don’t regret the decision to get married and have kids, that was also a dream of mine, but now as I approach a new stage of life, I wonder if my inner child would recognize me at all.

      With the perspective of hindsight, I can see the slow and subtle changes that transformed me from a child into an adult.  Movies and dating replaced Tag and Red Rover, cars replaced bikes, Wuthering Heights replaced Old Yeller. Even my diet matured.  Shredded wheat replaced Fruit Loops, coffee replaced Kool-Aid,  and Godiva chocolates replaced pixie stix. 

       I want to live in Pop-tart Land. I want to play and laugh, and paint my house a sparkling frosted blueberry blue….ok, now I sound positively senile. My point is, does being an adult mean that fun is no longer allowed?  I don’t always want to make the sensible choices. The ones that are good for my weight and my health.  Sometimes I just want to eat Pop-tarts and pretend that it’s not too late to fly to Dallas.

To my readers:
This link will take you to the Pop-tart commercial if you haven’t seen it.  Watch this and go buy yourself your favorite childhood treat! And feel free to leave a comment as to what you bought!


  1. Cute commercial,I have a sign in my kitchen that says "Rise and Shine". I am 60 years old and(I don't think I'm senile) heck NO being an adult does not mean the end of fun. I believe in a lot of ways that I have more fun now than when I was younger. I no longer care what other people think about me,if I feel like acting silly,I do. I dress for myself now and not what is in style but for my own comfort. I guess what I'm trying to say is that now I have more confidence and freedom to be ME! If that means acting like I'm 12 somedays then so be it. It's your life and no one can live it for you. Don't be afraid to let that little girl come out sometimes and always follow your dreams. After all,we are all children at heart.

  2. What a thought provoking post! I would have to say for me that I got lost in parenting but I'm okay with that. It was and is important to me to be a good parent and to give my kids the life I didn't get...since I became a parent at a young age, it's like I went from being a kid to the seriousness of parenting overnight. I do think our authentic self changes over time...who I was 10 years ago is not who I am today...I think as I peel away the layers I find more of myself but that doesn't mean I wasn't myself 20 years ago either....

    I haven't had a real poptart in ages...I do make them (a healthier version of them) and my husband is even more crazy for them then my little' think it's important that we don't lose those things that are fun and that we enjoy...there is a little kid inside of each one of us and keeping that little kid alive and happy is important...letting loose and enjoying the freedoms of a child make life more I say enjoy those poptarts!!!! I like the commercial too! XX