There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anaïs Nin

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lent Day Nine - Break the Dam, Release the River

     In my efforts to understand God I often got stuck on the question of why bad things happen to good people.  If He’s all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful why does He allow evil to remain in the world, thinking that evil is some “thing” out there that can be eradicated.  Much like when he flooded the earth because everyone, except Noah,  had become wicked.

     So I thought about my own life and while I do think of myself as a good person, someone who follows the laws of society and makes every effort to treat others with respect and kindness, I’m certainly not perfect and I wonder…would God have asked me to build the ark?

     God has handed down laws to us in the form of the Ten Commandments.  For example, Thou Shalt Not Steal.  Well, that’s easy, I don’t steal.  I mean maybe when I was a teenager.  And there have been times when the cashier handed me back too much change and I didn’t make the drive back to return it.  But does that count?  The commandment doesn’t say Thou Shalt Not Steal except if peer pressure is involved or you are stealing from a corporation that has too much money to notice.

     God also asks me to love others as myself.  I do that.  Generally.  I mean unless I’m in a really cranky mood or the person in front of me is driving way too slow, but does that count?   Did God say love others until it becomes inconvenient?

     So before I press God any further on why He doesn’t eliminate evil, I better make sure I know where He draws the line.  After all, I am a really bad swimmer.


  1. :) Don't worry, He did promise never to flood the entire Earth again.

    Ah, the question of evil. There is no easy answer to this. I would venture to say it is actually a mystery to us. Evil exists. God is all-good. So where did it originate and why do evil things happen?

    The world we live in is full of evil and yet as evil increases (examples can be seen everywhere that it abounds) so does the grace of God. It isn't an answer but truthfully, who can answer this except God himself?:)

    I wish you understanding on your search. I prayed my rosary for you today and I truly pray that you find what you are seeking Deborah.

  2. Thank you for your prayers Colleen, and thankfully you are right. God did promise never again to send a flood. Instead by His grace, He sent His Son.

  3. You'll have to understand you won't ever be able to completely understand God; he is God and we aren't. He's our Creator, we are the clay. Hard for the clay to understand what the potter chooses to create, make sense? But we can understand parts of him and he says if we seek him, we will find him. But we will never know why he allows this or that and not allow this or that. Like why do some people who pray to get cured from cancer get cured and others don't? Does he not hear those prayers, no of course he hears and answers all prayers, but sometimes his answer is "no", or "wait, not the right time" or "yes".

    We allowed evil in the world the minute Adam and Eve sinned and ate from the tree God told them not to. That is when sin entered the world. Now that it is hear, it has to remain here until Jesus comes back again and restores and redeems the world. God can eradicate it if he chooses to, but he would have to eradicate all evil and that would mean Jesus would come back again and those that don't know him as their Lord and Savior would be doomed to perish. So until he is ready; until he knows that all who are willing to be saved will be saved, unfortunately evil will exist in this world.


  4. Betty, I actually do understand that I will never be able to completely understand the ways of God. But He has given me this gift of having a very inquisitive nature and He has sent me on this journey to blog about it. So whether I ever get all my answers or not, I will continue to ask the questions. I always appreciate your thoughts and insights. :)

  5. Oh Deborah how I love your openness and honesty...I love that you question all these things..and I'm pretty sure God loves that you are seeking like is really hard for me to handle the evil of this world...sometimes it really gets to me and then somehow God reminds me that he is bigger than the evil and that he has the ability to overcome all of it...I have experienced God using the "evil" and turning it into something good.

    I think it is hard for our human minds to fully comprehend love and it's studying Jesus' life we get a true picture of what it means to love...his love went beyond the sinner and wasn't based on's easy to love the lovable or those that are so loving back to us...much harder to love the murderer, bully or abuser...for me personally,the more I realize or see my own capacity for evil or for sinning, the more I am able to love those that are less desirable in our society...loving the sinner but not the sin is easier said than done but it's what I strive to do...

    I want you to know that you are in my thoughts often....I miss you...I miss your words. XX

  6. I forgot to comment on why God allows bad things to happen to good people. Jesus said so clearly "when bad things happen" not "if bad things happen" so he knew this life is and will continue to be a struggle. Bad things happen to bring us closer to God or to make us aware of the need for God. Imagine if life was always sunny and rosey, would we ever think of wanting a relationship with God or why we were even born in the first place? Lots of people "forget" God when life is going their way but when tragedy or disaster strike, they reach out to him. After 9-11, the churches were packed for a period of time......

    Anyway, my point is God is sovereign. Why he allows what he allows is that great mystery we won't ever figure out. I am glad he did give you an inquisitive mind and you are seeking him; to know him and to fear him is the beginning of wisdom indeed!


  7. Like Lori, I also have had the experience of something evil or wrong or senseless to me at the time, turning into a blessing beyond all expectation. That is such a beautiful thing to be able to say.:)

  8. Thanks Colleen and Betty for your additional comments, and I agree Colleen, I too have seen where God was working during my greatest trials, which as Betty points out is when so many of us reach out to God.
    And Lori!! I'm so glad to see you posting again. I have missed you and think of you often as well. I feel so blessed that you continue to read my blog. It humbles me to think that in some small way I might be adding some joy to your life.
    That's one thing about the blogosphere. I follow many different people because I love the different insights and blog posts and comments. They enrich my thanks again ladies!