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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lent Day Sixteen - Am I Part of the Problem?

Last night I went to see Limitless. 

This was a movie about a man who took a pill that gave him the use of his entire brain.  He basically became superhuman in his ability to think.  He used his new found intelligence to accrue great personal wealth.  He also, lied, cheated and murdered to get to the top, but that’s just movie drama, right?  In the end, everything works out for him.  But what struck me as I left the theatre, is that I wanted everything to work out for him.  He was, after all, basically a nice guy, with a nice girlfriend, and we are talking about Bradley Cooper here.

Not to mention, that this movie cost $27 million dollars to make.  It drew $6.6 million dollars at the box office on the first night.  This movie about a drug addict who wins the day by taking a short cut to the top.  Which, between tickets and food, I spent $35 dollars to see.

I am also a Yankee fan.  The New York Yankees. With their new $1.5 billion dollar stadium.  I love to go see them, not that I can go that often given how difficult it is to get tickets. And who can afford them now anyway, with that price tag and the salaries of the players.  But I watch them on TV and given an opportunity to see them live, I will jump at the chance.

So I watch movies, and I watch sports, but I also watch the news.  And I listen to the stories of war, crime, earthquakes, hunger, poverty and I ask why does this happen?  Why does God allow this?  Why doesn’t He do something…. and I wonder… is God asking me the same thing?


  1. Jesus does say we will always have the poor with us and like I said before, Jesus didn't say "if" bad things happen but "when" bad things happen. God allows tragedies to strengthen us, use us, restore us, redeem us. Like I said before, this world is a broken one and not perfect; it was broken the day Adam/Eve sinned. Until Jesus comes back and restores, there will always be injustice, hunger, famine, earthquakes, wars, etc. We need to dig in and help as we can those who need help.

    And we got to stop paying ridiculous amounts of money to sports players, who do they think they are to "demand" such a high salary? (yet here I am getting ready to root for the Lakers as the playoffs begin in a few weeks)


  2. I get what you're saying Deborah.

    It like this quote about Auschwitz (forgive me for not remembering who said it) but it something like:

    People ask, at Auschwitz, where was God? I ask, at Auschwitz, where was man?

    So I hear you, the world is a terrible mess and somehow, God seems less to blame for that than we do.

  3. Betty, that's funny! I hope your Lakers do well. :) I hear point of course is that I need to examine my own heart first before I blame God or anyone else for that matter. It's certainly not wrong to enjoy sports, but every time I buy a ticket I'm supporting those ridiculously overpaid athletes, aren't I?
    Colleen, That's a great quote. Very profound. I will remember that...

  4. Oh Deb I have missed reading your words...I've read a couple of your posts and as always I am touched by your words and thoughts. You are an amazing woman you know.

    I think it's normal for us to question God about these things and to wonder why he isn't doing something. But I have learned that even though we don't always see him in action, he actually is doing might not be what we think he should be doing or in a way that speaks it loud and clear...I believe he uses every day people like you and me..when we don't think we are "doing" anything or doing enough, we need to realize we just might be doing exactly what we are suppose to be doing...there are so many things I would like to be doing in order to reach out or help others in our world..sometimes I get overwelmed with all the need I see....and yet with my little's, pain and health issues, and finances I feel limited at what I can do. I try to place it before God and if I am suppose to be doing or helping some place I know he will open the doors.

    I do believe that each one of us are God's hands, feet, ears, voice and love...and the opportunies to use them are endless and we will see them if we are paying attention.

    I hope you know how much I enjoy reading your words as I am able to. I miss being active in the blog world but I know when the time is right, I will be back. Much love and hugs to you my friend. XX

  5. Lori, as always it is so good to hear from you. I miss you!! :) I read your comment and I have to tell you I just finished reading a book that had me thinking about my life and that I wanted to be more a part of the solution, and I literally just prayed to God that if He had plans for me to serve to please open a door for me. The timing makes me think I was praying those words at the same time as you were typing them! I do believe that I might be doing exactly what God would have me do, and I know without a doubt that if wants more from me He will let me know. My heart is open to receive his message...
    I hope all is well with you, I know you are having a tough time right now, you continue to be in my daily thoughts!