There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anaïs Nin

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lent Day Thirty - Loving My Neighbor

This is my blog.   My own little corner of the world to share my thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams, bad days, good days.  I do this because I carry so much around inside of me and I have found this to be cathartic.  Some sort of release.  I do this for me.

But today I write for my friend Lori, who I hope reads this post…

Lori, I know you are struggling.  So much so that you haven’t blogged in over a month.  I know from your last post that you hesitate to write because you don’t want to “spew negativity”.

I remember reading in one of my many self help books about a way to release negativity through imagery.  The author suggested that to get rid of negative thoughts we should imagine blowing up a balloon, then putting that thought inside the balloon and releasing it.  Just letting it go…such a beautiful idea, all these balloons of negativity drifting off into space, never to be seen or heard from again.

I’m pretty sure I threw that book away.

But over the last few months as I have shared all of my many thoughts I have found that I have let go of so much that has weighed me down.  With each blog I have felt lighter, as if I didn’t have to dwell on that particular question or concern anymore because it was no longer trapped in my mind, but out there somewhere.

I would encourage you, Lori, to write again.  Write for you.  Or write for me.  I’m willing to listen…  

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  1. I have had this little bit of time to read this afternoon and I was led to your place a chance to just read post after post...and I must say I am enjoying reading about your journey...and then I read this post...oh sweet friend your words are like honey to my soul...when I have negative thoughts or feeling like giving up I imagine those thoughts floating away, much like the balloons.

    I so want to write...yet I struggle to form words to express all that is going on with me...still much of the time the pain and exhaustion keep me from writing...keep from reading other blogs...the very things I love and enjoy seem to be so far from me...the very things like reading and connecting with others or writing out my feelings and thoughts that help me keep going seem out of my reach...with all of my might I am breathing through these moments and telling myself that this is a season and it too shall pass.

    I am waiting on getting more therepy. I am waiting for warm weather to come. I keep crying out to God. I know he hears me. I know that even in this season of my life, that he is teaching me something that I need to learn.

    I really hope to write something soon. Thank you for your constant encouragement and kindess. Again, thank you for sharing your journey with your readers...with every post I read I am reminded of truth or given a smile on my face or given some food for my thoughts. Thank you sweet friend. Reading this today made my day...heck it makes my week. Love and hugs. XX